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Creative Photography

Creative Photography is more helpful for growing your brand. It is the process of capturing light with a camera for creating an image. With the camera equipment, you can capture wavelengths of light which is invisible to the human eye. Normally everyone can use a camera. And we can capture an image. But if you want to use those photographs for professional or business purposes, your photograph must be on a professional level. For this reason for capturing creative photo, you must hire a professional photographer. Sherazi IT has this services along with IT services. We have the best photographer in Bangladesh.

Our specialization

Experienced Photographers

Sherazi IT Has More Experienced Photographer . We Have Extensive Experience In Professional Photography Services.

Professional Photography

Our Experienced Photographers Provide Professional Services. So Come To Us For The Best Creative Photo.

Increase brand awareness

As Our Captured Photo Will Be Creative, Eye Catching & More Professional, So Your Brand Will Be More Aware Of Using Our Service

Affordable Price

We Provide The Best Service At A Reasonable Price. Our Service Cost Is More Affordable For Our Valuable Customers

Benefits of doing professional photography for a business:

1) Promote your brand awareness.

2) Your brand can be highlighted by a photograph.

3) Your message can be expressed by a picture than a thousand words.

4) Images can help to find your business on the web.

5) Professional photos are versatile assets.

6) Cost Efficient.

7) Convenience and Flexible

Some equipment for professional & Creative Photography:

1) Digital Camera or Film Camera

2) Lenses

3) Speedlight

4) Camera Bag

5) Memory Card & External Hard Drive

6) Reflectors

7) Tripod

8) Lens Filters

9) Flash & On-Camera Lighting

10) Extra Batteries & Power Accessories.

11) Post-Processing Software

12) Monitor and Calibration Equipment

Different types of photography services:

Landscape photography:

This is a way of saying scenic or environmental photography

Wildlife Photography:

This type of photographer is called a wildlife photographer who captures the animal image in the forest. They might spend hours on end waiting for an animal to wander into the perfect spot.

Macro Photography:

One of the most important photography is macro. This is the art of capturing small creatures and objects that we ordinarily overlook.

Portraits Photography

It is the broadest type of people photo. It covers everything from family portraits to fine-art photography and commercial work. This goals are to show the character of a subject and capture the person’s personality and emotion in an image.

Product Photography:

If you have an eCommerce website, then you must use this. Customers will purchase your product by showing the image. So product image is most important for increasing your sale. Only a professional product photographer can capture your product image for commercial use.

Wedding Photography:

It is one of the popular photography. People want to capture their beautiful time in a photo. So a wedding photographer has a huge responsibility. Not only do they need to have good camera and lighting skills. They also must know how to capture the right emotions almost effortlessly.

Sports photography:

This is a broad style of photography. They catch the perfect moment of a sport. Sports photographers have to aim and shoot quickly to capture the perfect image of sports.

Documentary Photography:

This types of photographer seek to convey news or information in their images.

Fashion photography:

This is one of the more and more difficult and glamorous jobs. These photographs are usually intended for brands and advertisements.

Sherazi IT has best photographer in Bangladesh.

Sherazi IT is one of the best creative photography service providers in Bangladesh. We have the best photographer in Bangladesh. We provide professional and quality full service. This is why our clients choose Sherazi IT for this service. Providing quality services begins with experience and ends with dedication, we become our client’s first choice. And a long-lasting partnership is built between the client and Sherazi IT.

Frequently Ask Questions

Why should I hire a professional photographer?[+]

Normally, we everybody capture different photos with our mobile or camera in our daily life. A maximum of people do not know the different advanced techniques to capture a professional and quality photo. So if you are going to arrange a function such as a wedding ceremony or birthday party, this can be very important for your life. You must want to capture every moment of that day. So you must want qualified photos for those important moments.

Another issue, if you have an online shop business, then professional product image is the most important part of your marketing. As people buy their products by watching the image, so your product image must be more attractive. Otherwise, your sales will fall. So for the online business, you must hire a professional photographer for capturing creative phot of your products.

If you have another business that needs both online or offline marketing, you must hire a professional photographer to capture a photo for your marketing campaign

Sherazi IT has the best photographer in Bangladesh. We provide the best and most professional service. So you can trust us for your creative photo.

Do I get the copyright/ownership of my photos?[+]

Ownership is an important topics for captured photo. If you hire services from some professional agency, the captured photo will be your property. You will be the copyright owner of those captured photos.

Sherazi provides the best services in Bangladesh. We are very professional about our job. We must follow the copyright role for our captured image. As those are captured for our valuable customers, so we believe that they are the owner of the image.

What is the best background color for my product photos?[+]

It depends on your products and your requirement. But white color can best background for capturing product images. White is the most used and safest background color for your product’s image. White ensures that your background will be clean and the product will be focused.

What is the best natural light for nice photo?[+]

The best natural light for taking nice photography is the moment of sunrise or sunset. Mornings and evenings give the softest light as the lower sun casts softer shadows.

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