Laravel Ecommerce Website with the World Easiest Order System.
About this product

Laravel Ecommerce Website with the World Easiest Order management System.

1. User Registration and Authentication.
2. Product Management.
3. Shopping Cart.
4. Easiest Checkout Processing.
5. Lowest time consuming Order Management.
6. Search and Filtering.
7. Product Reviews and Ratings.
8. Content Management: Static pages (About Us, Contact Us).
9. SEO-Friendly URLs.
10. Implement security measures like HTTPS and data protection.
11. Responsive Design.
12. Admin Dashboard:Back-end admin panel to manage orders, products.
13. Customer Support: Contact form.
14. Calculation of shipping costs (In Dhaka, Out Dhaka).
15. English language and BDT Currency Support.
16. Allow users to create favorite products list.
17. Recommended Products on product details page.
18. Sales Report.
19. Stock Inventory Report.
20. Order Management Details Report.


  • Free Support
  • Server Installation 
  • Layout & Color Update 
  • Domain & Hosting will be Charged
  • Play Store Upload will be Charged
  • Mobile Web View Application(APK & ABB)
  • 1 Hour Free Training Section