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SEO Audits & Optimization

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SEO Audits

It is a process of identifying errors that can prevent your website from ranking on different search engines. It gives a deep dive into your site to calculate numerous factors that can impact your ability to rank in search engine results pages.

Ours specializations

Experienced Team

For Ranking Your Website, You Should Do SEO Audits And Optimization. Sherazi IT Has An Experienced Team To Do It.

More Core Analysis

To Find All Kinds Of Errors, Sherazi IT Does SEO Audits Carefully. We Do The Core Analysis Of All Those Issues.

Deep Optimization

After Doing A Core Analysis, We Got The Errors. Then Our Team Starts Our Optimization Work. We Do It Very Deeply.

Result Oriented Service

There Are Many Agencies Available That Are Not Capable Of Give You The Result. But We Believe In Result-Oriented Service.

Multiple issues are included in SEO audit & Optimization:

  1. Firstly, make sure the webpages are being correctly crawled, indexed, and rendered by Google
  2. Checking for on-page and off-page SEO problems
  3. By that time, you must ensure good experience for the visitors
  4. Keyword-optimizing for the content
  5. Combing your website for duplicate or thin content
  6. Setting up and maintaining comprehensive reporting for tracking the web performance
Why Are SEO Audits & Optimization Important?

This is very crucial to rank in search engine results pages. By doing it you can reveal problems that may cause you for losing your traffic and sales.

  • Losing organic traffic due to site health issues.
  • Losing sales improvement opportunities
  • losing in the competition with other brands
  • Having your site improperly indexed
  • Facing Google penalties for toxic backlinks .

Why Sherazi IT is the best choice for your local SEO service in Bangladesh?

  • Step -1: Check to see if the site is mobile-friendly
  • Step -2: Make sure google indexes the webpages
  • Step -3: Speed up the website
  • Step -4: Find and delete duplicate page
  • Step -5: Find and fix the indexing problems
  • Step -6: Check organic traffic
  • Step -7: Improve On-Page SEO
  • Step -8: Keyword rank tracking
  • Step -9: Analyze backlinks
  • Step -10: Fix broken links
  • Step -11: Competitor analysis
  • Step -12: Make the content 10x better
  • Step -13: Optimize for UX signals
  • Step -14: Flatten the website architecture
  • Step -15: Launch a skyscraper post

SEO Optimization:

After completing of audit deeply, we find out the issues that affect the ranking . And we find opportunities to improve a site’s search performance. After doing the audit part, we start our SEO optimization steps as soon as. During the steps, we fix up all those errors which have been founded during following the checklist.

Why Sherazi IT is the best choice for this services?

Sherazi IT has extensive experience in this service. The best SEO Audit & Optimization experts are available on our team. We provide professional and quality full service. For this reason, our clients choose Sherazi IT. Providing quality services begins with experience and ends with dedication, we become our client’s first choice. And a long-lasting partnership is built between the client and Sherazi IT..

Frequently Ask Questions

Does my website need a complete audit for Search Engine Optimization? [+]

If you already have a website that is not ranked on the search engine result page, you must do a full Search Engine optimization audit by a professional agency. By doing this audit, the errors will find out.

If you have a new website, you also should do this properly. You need to do this to ensure you are doing everything correctly to rank on search engines..

How long time is required to complete a audit work? [+]

This depends on the size of the website. Normally, a it can be completed within one to three weeks.

What makes your SEO Audit & optimization different from your competitors?[+]

It depends on the experience of the SEO audit & optimization specialist. If you will hire an agency that has a more experienced team, it will be a great chance of getting a good result.

Sherazi IT is one of the best IT and digital marketing agencies in Bangladesh. If you come to us for this issue, you will get quality work from our great experienced team.

What kind of backlink helps rank locally? [+]

For ranking a brand on local search, you should create some different backlinks which are known as NAP Citation. In this type of Citation backlink, the website URL is not used. Only the business name, address, and contact number are used for the NAP citation backlink. This kind of backlink is very necessary for local SEO.

Why Search Engine optimization audit is needed? [+]

This is useful to identify those issues that may be preventing your website to rank on different search engine result pages. After completing an audit, all problems on your website will be identified. After fixing all those errors, it will help to rank on the search result and it will improve the website’s overall performance. And as a result of improving website performance, your traffic will be increased, and the bounce rate will be decreased.

It is more important for your business because:

  • Only 0.78% of Google searchers go to the second Google search results page, and around 90.63% of websites do not get traffic from Google. So if you want to get organic traffic from google searches your website must rank on the first page.
  • If your website will be top of the search result, you will more and more organic traffic. The website which is ranked at the top of google gets an average 31.7% CTR.
  • When a user does any search in google, then the Google algorithm uses more than 200 factors to rank a website. If your website doesn’t meet those criteria, it will not rank on the first page. That means you are losing a large number of customers
  • Worldwide around 52.2% of website traffic comes from mobile phones, so you must ensure your website is mobile-friendly.

What other services are provided by Sherazi IT? [+]
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  • SEO Audits & Optimization
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