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Social Media Advertising & Marketing

Social media marketing is the process in which you can use social media platforms to build a brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic as well as. At present, most people are available on those platforms. The most important thing is that you have to show your product/service there, where lots of people are gathering. For this reason, it is the best platform, where you can find more customers. So if you are thinking to use the opportunity to grow up your business, then you must properly do this types of marketing (Linkedin, Instagram, facebook advertising). For this service, you should hire best agency. So, you can trust Sherazi IT. Because you will get the best result by our expert team

Our specialization

Core Targeted Campaign

Without Proper Targeting, You Will Not Get Result In Your Advertising. So We Make The Different Core Targeted Audiences For Different Niches.

Campaign Performance

Most Of Our Clients Are Happy With Our Performance. We Can Provide Good Results In Their Advertising By Driven Marketing Policy.

Server Side Tracking

Now Client Data Are Tracked By Browser Cookies. But It Will Be Stopped By 2023. So We Do Server-Side Tracking To Track All Kinds Of Events.

Funnel Marketing

This Is A Very Important Policy For A Business. We Follow It To Reduce Your Advertising Cost And Retarget The Old Customer.

List of Favorite Social Media, Which can make opportunities for your business

  1. 1) Facebook
  2. 2) Instagram
  3. 3) Linkedin
  4. 4) Pinterest
  5. 5) Twitter
  6. 6) Youtube
  7. 7) WhatsApp
  8. 8) TikTok
How does social media advertising help you meet business goals?

1) Availability of lots of customers

2) Most targeted advertising

3) Is is the cheapest process

4) Increases brand awareness

5) Increase brand loyalty

6) Increases website traffic

7) Increases revenue, sales, and leads

8) It can drive off-line sales

9) It can drive repeat business

10) It can increase your SEO rankings

11) Conversion Rates are high

Sherazi IT is one of the best social media marketing agency in Bangladesh. Our team has more extensive experience of manage more projects. So if you want to get those benefits which are mentioned above, you can hire our team.

How does Sherazi IT do the social media advertising for you?

  • Set the customer goals
  • Research target audience
  • Establish the most important metrics
  • Competition analyze
  • Create engaging content
  • Publish content in the proper way
  • Content Promotion
  • Using different types of the campaign for getting the best result.
  • Marketing efforts analyze

Why should you invest in this marketing policy?

At the very least, this is a great platform for boosting brand awareness and building a relationship between buyer and seller. As lots of people are gathering on those platforms, you can get more potential customers through those platform. So this types of marketing (Linkedin, Instagram, facebook advertising) can boost your revenue by increasing sales. There is a great opportunity to get the right customer by creating an audience depending on their behavior and interest. So you can promote your business to get more customers and more sales. If you are no more an expert in this, the Shirazi IT is ready to help you.

Why Sherazi IT is the best for social media advertising?

Sherazi IT is the best social media advertising service provider in Bangladesh. We have extensive experience in this service. The best experienced team is available here to do this service. We provide professional and quality full service. For this purpose, our clients choose Sherazi IT for promoting their business. Providing as much as quality services begin with experience and end with dedication, we become our client’s first choice. And finally, a long-lasting partnership is built between the client and Sherazi IT

Frequently Ask Questions

Who needs social media marketing services?[+]

Everyone. Every business needs this marketing service. May be you have a small online or a large company, those platforms are very essential part of marketing strategy for every kind of company. More than three billion people in the world use this platforms. So every company owner will get their customer on those platforms. It will give better results than traditional marketing policies.

What are the key components I need to follow during creating ads? [+]

During creating ads, you have to focus on some important issues which are mentioned below:

  1. Before creating an advertisement you have to realistic the advertisement goals
  2. Then you must have a clear understanding of your core targeted
  3. You should finalize the budget for advertising.
  4. High-quality images and video is mandatory for the advertisement.
  5. Messaging the reply of your audience. That means how can you convert them to conversion?

How can I find out the best media for my business?[+]

To find the best platform you have to clear some issues, which are mentioned below:

  • What is the type of your business?
  • What platform are used by your targeted clients?
  • What platforms are used by your competitors?
  • What type of content will be suitable for your business?
  • What budget do you have for your advertising?

Is organic reach and engagement helpful for paid ads? [+]

If a post is engaged more audience, then it seems that that post has good content. Social media take a positive signal for this post. So it try to show the post to more people. So there is a great opportunity to get the best result.

So you should try to increase the organic reach and engagement of every post. So if your Facebook page has more followers, your post can get more engagement.

There is a huge number of groups are available. A large number of people are engaged with those groups. So you can get more organic customers by sharing posts in different groups.

What other services are provided by Sherazi IT? [+]
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  • SEO Audits & Optimization
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  • Photography
  • Videography
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