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Best Software Development Company in Bangladesh for HR & Payroll

HR & payroll system is the software, which automates the Human Resource and administrative tasks of an organization. You can do all of your HR and payroll processes in a single system. This will help you to save time, and money and reduce mistakes. If you are looking for the best HR Payroll software with features of employee task management, employee leave management, HR, and payroll system, you should hire Sherazi IT. Beacuse Sherazi IT is the best software development company in Bangladesh. Our system fulfills all the powerful features of human resources management.

Our specialization

Experienced Developers

Sherazi IT Has An Experienced Team Of Software Developers. We Have More Experience In Developing Different Business-Related HR-Payroll System.

Customized Software

Different Types Of Businesses Need Different System. And We Are Here To Provide Fully Customized HR-Payroll System According To Your Business.

Timely Delivery

During The Start Of A Software Development, Our Whole Team Worked Together. So We Can Deliver A Project Within The Promised Time.

Affordable Price

We Provide The Best System At The Best Price. For This Reason, Sherazi IT Is The Best Software Development Company In Bangladesh

Objectives of HR Payroll System

1) Productivity & profitability increment

2) Effective Monitoring & Improved Interactivity

3) Enhanced Working Environment

4) Effective Strategy Management

5) Recruitment & Training Management

6) Manage Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

7) Data Collection, Data Stored & Data Protection

8) Conflict Management

9) Attendance & Leave Management

Key Features of Sherazi IT HR Payroll software

Sherazi IT is the best software development company in Bangladesh. Our system is the best solution for managing the human resources of any organization. Because it has lots of excellent features. Some of the features have pointed out below:

  • Employee information management system
  • Attendance management system
  • Asset management
  • Bank & loan management system
  • Income & Expense management
  • Department management system
  • Employee leave management system
  • Dynamic report system
  • Employee recruitment system
  • Notification system
  • Communication system
  • Account management system
  • Payroll management system

How to Choose the best system for Your Business Needs

Before choosing an HR Payroll system which is best fits your business, you have to keep several factors in mind when deciding.

  • Budget for the software: Analyze the size of your business. Then find out the features which are required for your business and decide how much you are willing to spend on payroll processing.
  • Security features: Before choosing HR & payroll system you must concern about security features.
  • Flexibility and Compatibility: Before taking a decision you must consider in flexibility and compatibility of the system. It should function well with your other business systems and will grow with your business.
  • Report and history visibility: You should choose the system that allows you to retain control and view reports and historical information.
  • Check the reputations and capabilities of the Vendor: Verify the offerings vendor’s profile and analyze their customer’s reviews. You should take a demo and check the existing features.

How to Choose the best system for Your Business Needs

Sherazi IT is the best software development company in Bangladesh. Our experience development team builds HR Payroll software with lots of excellent features. Generally, we provide professional and quality full service. This is why our clients choose Sherazi IT. Providing quality services begins with experience and ends with dedication, we become our client’s first choice. And a long-lasting partnership is built between the client and Sherazi IT

Frequently Ask Questions

What do you mean by HRM?[+]

Human resource management (HRM) is the application that is used to manage all the people in an organization. Employee management, performance management, training, development, and other human resource management-related applications are available in this part of the HR Payroll software.

What do you mean by Payroll?[+]

This is the process that is used to calculate all kinds of payments of employees. Employee salary, bonus, overtime, deduction, taxes, and other employee payment-related applications are included in this part of the HR Payroll software.

Which advantages offers the HR software?[+]

With the help of HR & Payroll software, you can digitalize and automate the daily operation of your company. The administration process, employee attendance, employee leave, salary, bonus, overtime, and many other works can be managed by the HR Payroll system. You can store employees’ personal information, job titles, and compensation rates here. By using this all of your employees’ information will be accurate and up to date.

The most benefit is that it can save you a lot of time and hassle by using this system. With this system, you don’t need to worry about calculating payroll taxes or payment of employees’ extra overtime work. The HR Payroll management system can do all of those.

Another important benefit of using HR Payroll system is that you can minimize human errors on different types of payment-related calculations. It can help you to avoid those mistakes which can be more costly. So your company will be saved from a large amount of loss.

What is the difference between HRIS and HRMS?[+]

HRIS is a system that is used by human resources departments of a company to track all employees and all details information about them. An HRIS is a series of interrelated database systems.

HRMS is a software system that combines many HR-related functions, including administration process, payroll, recruiting and training, and performance analysis into one package.

HRMS system is more comprehensive than the HRIS system. Another thing is that maximum HRIS features are available in the HRMS system. So if you will use the HRMS system for your business, you get more features and you will be benefited.

But you should be more careful to select the real HRMS software. There are some HRIS vendors who changed the name of HRIS to HRMS. So you must understand that they only changed the name not the functionality. So you must check every feature before purchasing it.

Sherazi IT is the best IT, software development and digital marketing company in Bangladesh. We are always transparent with our customers. We always provide the correct system to our valuable customers. So you can trust Sherazi IT without any kind of hesitation

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