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Top Software Company in Bangladesh for ERP

Sherazi IT is the top software company in Bangladesh. We have more extensive experience to build different types of ERP software in Bangladesh.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is software that is used to manage day-to-day business activities such as accounting, procurement, project management, risk management and compliance, and supply chain operations. The software helps to automate your organization and manage your core processes for optimal performance. It will make it easy to manage your company. So if you want to level up your regular work with the most trusted ERP solution. Then Sherazi IT can help you.

Our specialization

Experienced Developers

Sherazi IT Has An Experienced Team Of Software Developers. We Have More Experience In Developing Different Business-Related ERP System

Customized Software

Different Types Of Businesses Need Different Software. And We Are Here To Provide Fully Customized ERP According To Your Business.

Timely Delivery

During The Start Of A Project, Our Whole Team Worked Together. So We Can Deliver A Project Within The Promised Time.

Affordable Price

We Provide The Best System At The Best Price. For This Reason, Sherazi IT Is The Top Software Company In Bangladesh

The business value of ERP software in Bangladesh

Today it is not possible to ignore the impact of ERP on business. Some benefits are mentioned here.

  1. Improves Accuracy and Productivity–Integrating and automating processes can eliminate redundancies. And it improves accuracy and productivity.
  2. Improved business insight–
    By generating real-time information with ERP system, organization insight is improved.
  3. Increases Efficiency–
    ERP system allows organization to quickly access needed information for clients, vendors, and business partners.
  4. Increases Collaboration – Different Departments of your company are able to collaborate and share information through ERP system.
  5. Cost Reduction –Management and operational costs are reduced through uniform and integrated systems
  6. Scalability - Consistent infrastructure for streamlined operations can grow business properly

Sherazi IT is offering different sector’s ERP software in Bangladesh:

1) Garments Sector

2) Hospital Management System

3) Retail Point of Sale(POS)

4) School Management

5) Real Estate Industry

6) Manufacturing Company

7) Trading Business

8) Construction Industry

9) Buying House

10) Hotel Management

Sherazi IT is the best IT and software development company in Bangladesh. We have a large developing team. . So we can provide all kinds of ERP system in Bangladesh

Why Sherazi IT is the top software company in Bangladesh?

Sherazi IT is the top software company in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, we have extensive experience to build different ERP system. We have an experienced team to do this service. We provide professional and quality full service. This is why our clients choose Sherazi IT. Providing quality services begins with experience and ends with dedication, we become our client’s first choice. And a long-lasting partnership is built between the client and Sherazi IT.

Frequently Ask Questions

How ERP helps business?[+]

It helps businesses man to get real-time insights and visibility into the operations across all of the core departments. It uses helpful for reducing human errors and eliminating duplication and manual entries.

It helps to automate and streamline your organizing processes that need employees a lot of their time, so you can reduce your operation cost.

What are some things I should look for when considering an ERP system?[+]

First, you have to make a list of your business’s operational processes. You have to identify those things which will need to have in your ERP software i.e. inventory and order management , accounting, real-time shopping cart, etc. It should user friendly and hassle-free. Otherwise, your employees will not feel comfortable using it.

The system must be accurate in accounting and other calculations. If it gives the wrong calculation, you will face a lot of problems with the cost calculation, profit, and loss calculation, and stock management

When researching vendors, always ask for a demo and you should use the demo and need to understand every module of the software. You have to ensure that this demo meets every need of your business. You have to make sure that all necessary reports are created easily. Then check the system’s full functionality

Sherazi IT is the top IT company in Bangladesh. We develop the best user friendly software in Bangladesh. During the development, we focus on every topic which is discussed above. And we will give some demos which will help you to take the decision.

Who uses the ERP system?[+]

Almost every industry uses some kind of process that can use an ERP system to improve their business efficiencies. Generally, most of the systems are designed to handle day-to-day activities that will help you to improve the operation. Every company has some departments that are common such as finance, marketing, or sales that can use ERP systems for day-to-day tasks. If you have specialized industries that do different types of operations, you can hire a professional company to build a custom ERP system. So it is clear that every type of organization can be benefited but using an it. Sherazi IT is the top software company in Bangladesh. We provide the best service at the best affordable price compared to other companies. If you come to us we will design fully customized system according to your business category and needs.

Is ERP system more expensive?[+]

It is getting cheaper compared to old Legacy ERP systems that needed a full IT deployment. Modern ERP system is becoming more affordable. Now small companies can use an ERP system.

Sherazi IT is the top software company in Bangladesh. We provide the best system at the best affordable price compared to other companies.

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