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Voice over Services

Voice over services is more crucial for branding your business. It is the process of a voice recording of the script. This can be used for an animation film, video game, or many other media. This is used for commercial purposes and radio broadcasts , movies, and TV shows. This can be female or male with an accent from any given culture. The actor speaks those words that are written in text form. They must have a good speaking voice with perfect diction. Because it must be understandable for the listener. As it is more important for making an effective video. So you should hire the one who can give quality full service for it. In this point of view, Sherazi IT can be your first choice. Because Sherazi IT provides high-quality services at a cheap rate.

Our specialization

Experienced Team

Sherazi IT Has A More Experienced Team For The Service. We Have Extensive Experience In Professional & Corporate Voice-Over Services.

Manage more projects

Our Experienced Team Managed A Lot Of Projects. We Have Shown Its Expertise Not Only In Bangladesh But Also Abroad.

Quality-full Clear Voice

We Provide High-Quality Clear Voice Over Service. So Our Clients Are Very Happy With Our Services. So Come To Us For The Best Service.

Affordable Price

We Provide The Best Cheap Services With The Best Quality. Our Service Cost Is More Affordable For Our Valuable Customers.

The Importance of voice over services

It plays a very significant role in a video. It is very essentially narration over a video. This is a way of telling the story in words, whilst the images on-screen do the bulk of the heavy-lifting storytelling-wise. If you want to make your video more persuasive and effective and leave a long-lasting impression on your viewer, then you have to choose your voice-over artist very carefully.

Types of Voice Acting

There are four types of voice acting work,

1) Narrative work,

2) Commercials work

3) Promotional work

4) Animation work

Sherazi IT is the best voice over services provider in Bangladesh. We are capable of providing all those types of services.

Who Is the perfect voice over services provider?

  • Clarity and Consistency- The actor should the clarity in his voice. He must be able to deliver every word and every sentence without mumbling, garbling, or stumbling over any words.
  • Pay Attention to Detail- Most people might be unaware of their mouth noises. During talking the tiniest sounds can be produced. And some people take breaths after completing a sentence. A professionally skilled artist must be either able to control them or not have them at all.
  • Confidence Is Key- A voice artist must be confident in his vocals. He must have full control over his vocal and must be able to change the loudness, softness, tone, and timbre of his tone.
  • Conversational Skills – Your professional artist should speak at a conversational speed.
  • A Team Player- Your artist has to be a team player. If you have more than one artist in your video, then they should be able to perfectly coordinate one with another.

Why Sherazi IT is the best voice over services provider?

We have extensive experience in this services. The best team is ready for doing your project. We provide high-quality & cheap services. For this reason Sherazi IT is one of the best voice over services providers in Bangladesh. This is why our clients choose Sherazi IT for this services. Providing a quality service begins with experience and ends with dedication, we become our client’s first choice. And finally, a long-lasting partnership is built between the client and Sherazi IT.

Frequently Ask Questions

Would I need the voice over services?[+]

Yes. There are many ways a professional artist can benefit your project. There is a lot of benefit to professional voice-over services. It can provide context and meaning. It can connect you more with the audience. You should take this services to increase the reach and engagement of your clients. It can make your brand more memorable to the customer. It can be used in different marketing campaigns, your business websites, phone messaging campaigns, animation videos/cartoons, or e-learning and audiobooks.

What does my voice talent/team need to know?[+]

Your agency has to know the following information which mentioned below:

  • Your budget for the project
  • Is your content will be used for paid ads media or unpaid media?
  • Where will the content be shown to reach the customer?
  • Any specific moment that will need to be matched with visuals elements
  • Audio file delivery preferences
  • Any direction or information that would be kept in the team member’s mind. This may be directional keywords, celebrity references, or previous materials
  • Project delivery deadline
  • Do you want to present during the session to listen to it directly?
  • How many revisions will be allowed after making it?

Is the microphone quality important for the voice-over service?[+]

Yes, of course. The quality can be different for using the different-quality microphone. The most important equipment for the services is the microphone. The microphone must be more quality. The microphone must be preferred to studio class quality. It should be the cardioid polar pattern that can only detect the speaker’s voice, does not detect the reflected sounds from behind the microphone, and never creates static sound.

How many the cost of a voice-over service?[+]

The cost is not fixed. It depends on many things.

Typically the budgets are based on:

  • Spots and the length of the content
  • Number of the markets the spot will be used
  • Campaign duration
  • Need for exclusivity, if it applies
  • The scale published rates for a project

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